Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cupcake for zila..

24 pcs choc moist cupcake
with steam buttercream and jelly

cuppies ni diorder oleh zila utk di makan di opis.. dia takmo tulisan cuma nak gambar2 je.. byk kali reconfirm ngan dia.. betul ke takmo tulis pape.. dia kata tak yah.. lukis je ikan, umah, rama2 n gajah.. dia kata dia suke ngan menda2 tu... so, u ask for it.. yu got it.. ;)

more info @ http://cupcake-and-me.blogspot.com

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Anil Wanina
Anil Wanina

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  2. hehe.. makasih... adiah tak sempat pos lg.. insya allah... next week ek.. :)


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