Monday, July 15, 2019

Social Impact Care Social Program with Ginnie Lam & Wang Jackson

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Assalammualaikum | 

For the first time, 'Meet the Media Beauty and Charity' event bring together 2 international personalities who will be pooling their celebrities power to attract people to support the program.

The personalities are :

  • Ms Ginnie Lam (Mrs International HK 2014 & Ginn Fairy Queen Korea 2019 who also an International Ambassador for the Korean Government Artistic & Cultural Federation & Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Mr Jackson Wang (Celebrity Michael Jackson tribute performer recognised officially by the US White House and the Jackson family, and signed Hollywood Artiste to inherit Michael Jackson spirit of charity and performance legacy)

The Ginn Fairy Social Impact Program and the Ginnie Magic Belle Influencer Program are held to unify celebrities, local artists and fans in 'Beauty for Charity' and 'Influencer for Charity'. This program starts with a small lag but it certainly means a real approach to making changes to the lives of orphans who participate in it.

The Social Impact Program Ginnie Lam & Wang Jackson aims to achieve this objective by providing a wonderful gift that will bring a smile on their face. Ms Ginnie Lam argues that the influencer trend among today's social media influences can be a beneficial force if the power on women's rights issues, especially those who have been affected by community-based threats to family institutions such as adolescent pregnancies that cause orphan children and their fate of misery.

With the presence of Wang Jackson, a Michael Jackson celebrity entertainer signed by Hollywood Entertainment Group, who will also support Ginn Fairy Care from Korea to make this social change in a sustainable and sustainable social enterprise.

There'll be a general call to all such organisations to talks to on how we can make the World a better place.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Dashing Deo + Body Spray For Masculine Men

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Every day is a great day for a great man. It is important to stay fresh throughout the day to be able to withstand the challenges and daily activity confidently.

Sometimes we wonder, whether the scent of deodorant used is compatible with perfume fragrances because sometimes the combination of these two fragrances is not worthy.

Any man would also love a simple, easy and fast product even more so if he can display the charm of a masculine man.

Dashing understand men needs

Dashing fully understands the needs of men and to provide the ultimate solution, Dashing has launched the Deo + Perfume Body Spray. And this is the only product released by Dashing that combines both the benefits of deodorants and perfumes in one bottle.

Formulated with the fragrance of Dashing Eau De Toilette, it gives a lasting masculine fragrance to make sure the guy smells great all day long.

With anti-odors and anti-bacterial agents, this new Deo + Perfume is effective in providing 24-hour protection against body odor.

Normal deodorant spray can last only 2 to 3 people, while this new Dashing Deo + Perfume is in its own league. The formula is 100% deodorant. It is savvy and durable as one bottle can spray up to 880 sprays and lasts up to 146 days for each bottle.

That means, one bottle can last for 5 months! Very economical!

4 interesting fragrance variants

Dashing Deo + Perfume now comes with 4 variations:

Hattrick – A winning strike for every DASHING man. Hattrick’s enigmatic fragrance ignites one’s love for winning goals. Hattrick has a fresh and woody fragrance through the unique combination of apple and citrusy freshness, infused with floral notes and a hint of amber.

Ultimate Kick - A scent made for champions, Ultimate Kick brings out the suave side in every facade of a modern man’s daily life. Summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom supported by vanilla and a musky base.

Speed - Always ready to take on challenges with the energetic and fresh, sensational fragrance. A classic fougere accord with contemporary aromatic fruity note and woody end note is heightened with musk.

Hitman - Hitman is for the sporty men who is always on the go. It has an aromatic tonic fragrance that has a lively and refreshing smell of sparkling citrus and iced cucumber. It has hints of spiciness combined with the signature patchouli and gaiac wood, for that magnetic and daring scent that can easily boost the confidence of any man.

Each bottle comes with a pack of 120ml dab with a simple and charming design, of course it is easy to carry anywhere.

With affordable price of RM12.20 per bottle, this product is available throughout the country including major supermarkets, hyper hypermarkets and online shopping platforms.

Get it now and highlight your masculine style.

For more information, please visit:

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri with Garnier Malaysia

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Hari Raya celebration is not only a special celebration with your loved ones. It also the season of giving back, especially to those in need. This year, Garnier malaysia brought a new meaning to Raya celebration by collaborating with retailer partner MYDIN to give back to communities through the empowerment of women through Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign.

By working together with TechForGood, a programme under the Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association (GEMA), Garnier Malaysia announced that partnership with MYDIN would benefit TechFoodGood in two ways which is for every Garnier product sold at MYDIN during the Ramadhan month, RM0.20 was contributed to the programme and for every RM30 and above for Garnier product purchased during the MYDIN roadshow between 24 - 30 June 2019, shoppers will received a handmade pouch or reusable tote bag sewn by women under the programme.

Garnier always committed in supporting the needs of the local community. Through Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign, a total of 48,000 gift items, handmade by women under the programme, were given out to shoppers. Throughout this campaign, a total of RM15,000 was raised in collaboration with MYDIN to support TechForGood which will contribute to the advancement of the programme, helping to benefit even more of its members.

Garnier is a proud sponsor of Serikan Hatimu mini series, celebrating the beauty of friendship and the empowerment of women. This mini series played by top celebrities such as Amyra Rosli, Shafiq Kyle and Azira Shafinaz and they also presented at Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign closing ceremony recently. They even expressed their support towards Garnier and even shared their favourite products.

If you're the fans of Amyra Rosli, Syafiq Kyle or Azira Shafinaz, you can catch the recap of Serikan Hatimu mini series by log onto TV3 Channel on Youtube.

For more information about Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign, Garnier and it's range of beauty and grooming products, please visit Facebook Garnier Malaysia

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lively and Luxurious Weddings in MAGICA Events & Functions Hall

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Enjoy the vibrant weddings at Magica Events & Functions Hall which offers 3 sensational signature halls namely Magica Hall, Classic Hall and Garden Hall and can accommodate up to 7,000 guest at one time.

Located on the 4th floor of the Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall, Magica is a gorgeously designed venue providing premium halls that feature modern  European interior and state of the art facilities.

Each hall also can operate independently with distinctive interior designs to cater the different needs, preference, concepts and events. Stepping into the glorious hall, you will be presented with a beautiful decor like being in heaven.

Each hall presented a different size, concept and specialities with unique and awesome decoration.

Classic Hall - personalise your own space with your own design and decoration. With 12,000 square-feet-space come with built-in stage and decorate entrance.

Garden Hall - perfect hall for intimate event or wedding ceremony. Presented in a forest-like ambience that mimic an outdoor scene emitting tranquility and calmness equipped with a background nature sound-clip of birds chirping and water flowing. A true fairy land waiting for magic to happen

Magica Hall - inspired by Modern European designs, it a signature hall features an extravagant interior with majestic chandeliers, flows of petal-like glass shades and glittery crystal decorations. Able to accommodate up to 3,000 people in buffet setting and 700 people seated

About Magica Events Sdn Bhd

Magica Events Sdn Bhd with origins from northern region, is a leading Malay and Chinese bridal house since 1965. With more than 50 years in the industry, the company introduces its latest hall addition - MAGICA to central Malaysia. Sprawling in a retail space of approx. 36,000 sqft, MAGICA have a selection of halls, suitable for any event, which accommodates up to 7,000 guests at one time.

Plan your special day wisely and get an ideal package suit to your budget, only in Magica Events and Functions Hall, Subang.

For more information, please visit :

Facebook : Magica at Subang
instagram : @magicaatsubang

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

No more 'one more'

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Baru-baru ni ada satu cerita ni dok lalu lalang kat wall Facebook Keknil. Asalnya tak menarik minat pun, tapi bila diamati setiap bait dialognya, it touch my heart. Buat Keknil rasa terkesima seketika dan membuatkan Keknil jadi banyak fikir tentang macam-macam perkara. Tajuk cerita ni Someone Great. Korang boleh tengok kat Netflix. 

Analoginya, dalam setiap perhubungan tu kadangkala ada satu perasaan tu yang membuatkan kau rasa tak cukup hanya dengan satu perhubungan. Kau nak lagi dan lagi dan lagi. Dan kau rasa gembira sampai saat kau rasa dapat hatta satu panggilan, atau mesej dari dia walaupun hanya satu patah perkataan 'Hai' sahaja dah membuatkan kau rasa macam nak lompat bintang. Tu belum lagi bila kau dapat keluar dengan dia, Pegi makan je pun.. tak payah keluar duit beli 2 set KFC.. dapat tengok dia makan KFC pun dah buat kau kenyang dan bahagia. 

Walaupun kau tahu hubungan tu mungkin hanya hubungan sehala sahaja. Pendek kata, hanya kau sorang-sorang je yang suka kat dia. Tapi dia sebaliknya. Ada tak yang mengalami perkara ni?

Dan semasa perhubungan tu, kau dah buat macam-macam perkara untuk attract dia sampai kau rasa dia pun 'mungkin' dah balas cinta kau tu. Tapi rupanya ia adalah sebaliknya. Dan itu yang membuatkan kau rasa so frustrated sampai rasa macam apa yang kau buat selama ni sia-sia. 

Yang paling kelakar, kau boleh pulak support dia untuk perkara-perkara yang kau tahu di pengakhirannya akan membuatkan hati kau terluka. Tapi sebab kau rasa dengan cara itu dia boleh bahagia atau mungkin itu yang boleh membahagiakan dia. Tanpa kau amik kisah pun perasaan kau terluka. Penah tak rasa macam tu?

So inilah apa yang Keknil tafsirkan dari dialog cerita ni. Mungkin ianya terjadi kat diri sendiri, kat adik beradik, kat kawan-kawan..  

Walaupun kau cuba macam mana pun.. Mungkin lepas 1 tahun hatta 9 tahun sekalipun, tapi kalau dah cuma kau sorang-sorang je yang cuba nak menjayakan hubungan tu, tetap takkan berjaya. In relationship, it take two to tango. So if it's only you who always want to make it happen, just forget it. It's time for you to let him/her go.

Kita sering berharap kepada 'one more'  untuk setiap perkara, setiap peluang dan setiap perbuatan tapi kadangkala kita tak sedar no more 'one more' kerana ianya tak memberikan apa-apa hasil pun.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Jom Iftar Sesame di Bangi Golf Resort

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Seperti tahun-tahun lalu, Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) sentiasa menyediakan buffet Ramadhan dengan kepelbagaian sajian enak, berkualiti malah pada tahun ini ia menawarkan lebih dari 200 hidangan mewah dari dapur Melayu, barat dan Timur.

Dengan tema 'Iftar Sesame' yang membawa maksud  berbuka puasa bersama-sama pada kali ini, BGR mengajak orang ramai mengambil kesempatan pada bulan yang mulia ini untuk berbuka puasa bersama-sama dengan insan yang mereka sayangi. 

Konsep 'Kebun Dalam Bandar' semestinya menjadi kebanggaan Restoran BGR dengan mengenengahkan bahan mentah yang ditanam sendiri khususnya bagi masakan Melayu dan tradisional. 

Antara menu penambat selera yang disediakan pada tahun ini adalah Kambing Bakar yang dipanggang perlahan di atas api, Sup Kambing Mamak, Satay Ayam dan Daging, Kueh Teow Goreng, Mee Mamak yang dimasak terus dari dapur untuk santapan pengunjung. 

Pada bahagian masakan India pula, tersedia Ayam Varuval, Kari Ikan Tenggiri, Daging Kambing Masak Hitam Mamak untuk digandingkan bersama nasi kukus. Tidak dilupakan dari dapur Barat pula, keenakan Sous Vide Eggs dengan Cendawan Espuma yang menjadi signature dish hidangan di sini. Selain itu sajian pasta kegemaran keluarga seperti Spaghetti dan Penne dengan sos bolognese ayam atau digandingkan bersama sos Carbonara.


Tidak dilupakan hidangan pencuci mulut yang enak-enak belaka. Deretan pencuci mulut disediakan dipentas buffet antaranya Churros Sepanyol dengan Sos Cokelat Pekat, Tiramisu Itali serta seleksi kuih muih Melayi termasuk Kasui Pandan, Talam Cendol, Aoam Mekar, Koci, Seri Muka pandan, Kuih Bakar Hijau, Pulut Kuning Rendang Daging dan sebagainya.

Seperti tahun sebelumnya, BGR turut berkongsi pahala dengan menyumbangkan 1% daripada keuntungannya sepanjang Ramadhan kepada Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) malah BGR juga bekerjasama dengaan Food Aid Foundation dengan menyumbangkan dan menyelamatkan mana-mana lebihan makanan daripada buffet Ramadhan untuk diberikan kepada mereka yang memerlukan.

Dengan tawaran harga yang sangat berbaloi-baloi, bermula serendah dari RM59 nett untuk dewasa dan RM29 nett untuk kanak-kanak, pihak restoran turut menjangkakan kunjungan yang luar biasa pada bulan Ramadhan ini. 

Pelbagai kemudahan seperti tandas dan surat turut diubahsuai untuk keselesaan pengunjung. Selain itu, turut disediakan lebih dari 800 lot parkir percuma untuk pengunjung agar tidak berlaku kesesakan sepanjang Ramadhan. 

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari

Instagram : @bangigolfresortofficial

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