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Encore Melaka : The Untold Story Behind Melaka Inheritance

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Recently I brought my daughter on vacation to Malacca. If I'm not mistaken, I've never been to Malacca for the last 10 times for work or vacation. No matter what, I seriously don't like the traffic light in Malacca.

So, drive from Google Maps within an hour for 2 hours as the highway is jam-packed. It's a school holiday, right!

Since it's a 2 day 1 night trip. So, it's a bit of a pack but for me, my trip to Malacca this time was very satisfying. And my presence in Malacca this time took me to Encore Malacca and had the opportunity to watch the 'The Untold Story Behind Melaka Inheritance

Encore Melaka Facilities

When it comes to Encore Malacca, don't worry, Parking is huge and can accommodate about 400 vehicles at a time. For those who are lazy to drive, there is also a shuttle bus from the city to here, so there is no need to drive here.

Other facilities such as toilets, vending machines, sales booths, cafés, even surau are also available.

parking building

shuttle service

ticketing counter

ticketing kiosk

the toilet is huge


shop gallery

Encore Melaka Building Architecture

Before this theatre started, I also had a chance to explore the Encore Melaka building. The design of the building is rather unique, and even the geometric roof has concaved arcs made out of thousands of fish scale LED panels, which reflect light from the eve changing and vibrant the sky of Malacca. The theatre embodies the cloud and the sea, movement and serenity where east meets west. This unconventional design concept represents a journey through time and space, a complementary the entire performance.

entrance of the theatre

the other side view of Encore Melaka

The view by the beach

This place is also a tourist attraction and even while I was out of this building, I saw many people who took the opportunity to take pictures of the Encore Melaka building. From bride photo-shoot to photo-shoot convocation. There is also a family relaxing and enjoying the architectural beauty of this Encore Melaka building.

convocation photoshoot by the Encore Melaka

And Encore Melaka is the only building in Southeast Asia with a performing art theatre with a 360 degree rotating audience platform facing a 240 meter-long stage with multiple built-in lifting platform. I'm personally fascinated by this technology and to this day I still feel amaze.

Undoubtedly, Encore Melaka will be the icon of Malacca's skyline standing tall beside the straits of Malacca.

How To Bought A Ticket?

Ticket can be bought by online or offline. For offline ticket, you can go direct to the counter and ask for the ticket fee and showtime.


The Untold Story Behind Melaka Inheritance

Entering the Malacca Encore building, I began to feel a vibrant aura. What a great building this is with the latest technology. I look around, and I feel proud of the existence of this kind of building in Malaysia.

got our ticket

seating area

There are 7 scenes that I think are very close to the history of the existence of Malacca. However, the theater only shows the beauty of the history of the State of Malacca without showing the war scenes that have been recorded in history.

Scene #1 | The scene begins with how the State of Malacca got its name when Parameswara came to Malacca for a hunting mission. The story line is simple but the animations shown are very beautiful and stunning.

Part of Scene #1 

Scene #2 | The scene shows the presence of Cheng Ho and his people arriving in Malacca. And their presence is marked by the drummer of his fleet. Their presence in Malacca was peaceful and eventually they fell in love with the locals bringing with them the cultural heritage of Baba Nyonya.

Part of Scene #2

Scene #3 | Featuring the wedding of Baba Ah Jie and Mrs. Ah Lan. This incredible wedding embodies the beauty of Baba Nyonya's wedding. Ancestral practices such as bowing as a form of respect are still practices today and can be seen when visiting Jonker Street.

Part of Scene #3

Part of Scene #3

Scene #4 | Tells about old man and six mothers. Six mothers together nurtured and cared about him. and every year they take family portraits together. Although this story has been around for over 70 years, the analogy of the six mothers story embodies the essence of Melaka, unity and acceptance regardless of race or religion and harmony with great intention to foster the future. It was this scene that made me cry with all the express and implied intent.

Scene #5 | The scene shows how a pregnant woman went through life in the war in Malacca. Despite the many challenges and challenges, they are still brave in defending the future of generations. In this scene, pregnant women scene symbolic of the new birth in Melaka. This is the scene of the swimming pool and it is beyond the reach of any kind of deck to build and build such a technology on stage. Someone has to come and see for yourself and be amazed!

Part of Scene #5

Scene #6 | The time until Malacca is claimed as a UNESCO World Heritage City. The scene features a passionate craftsman named Awang. He devoted his life as a kite maker, ensuring his tradition lived on. Also featured in the scene are blacksmiths and songket weavers, to the silat and zapin dance teachers as well as the chicken rice ball cooks. The scene shows the historical identity of Malacca and truly exhibits the Malaysian spirit.

Scene #7 | The final scene features stories about the melodies and songs of Encore Melaka that showcase the talents, authenticity and uniqueness of what Melaka has to offer. Dances and songs performed show how harmonious Malacca is with multiculturalism.

Part of Scene #7

In my personal opinion, this theatre is expressive and implied. This is the history that we and our children need to learn. We wouldn't be what we are today without history. I'm not 100% artistic, but every emotion that is shown in this theater, really captures my heart. What's more, history is united with technology and results, wowwwww! I still feel it to this day. After the show, we took a photo with all the actors, dancers and of course it's FREE ! I personally congratulate them for the effort and such a vibrant performance. Lastly, we did enjoyed the sunset of Malacca Straits and of course, this is a sweet journey and I might come back to Malacca to enjoy the show again.

For those of you who are interested in seeing this story, don't worry. In conjunction with this school holiday Encore Malacca is for promotion and I think it's worth it. Check out the promotions below

For more information, please visit :

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

SEANUTS II : Collaboration between FriesLandCampina and UKM

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All parents want the best for the kids. Especially when your child is growing up, taking nutritional supplements is important for the growth of the child in order to grow healthy and fit.

In 2011, a Southeast Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUT I) led by Professor Dr. Poh Bee Koon from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the National University of Malaysia (UKM) has released and found that children in the region, especially Malaysian children, are still affected by malnutrition. And so, a joint signing ceremony between Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (DLMI) parent company FrieslandCampina and UKM to launch the start of SEANUTS II.

Results from a survey in Malaysia show that one in five children are overweight or obese, 1 in one in 10 children is obese for their age, 2 and one in 20 children are underweight, 3 are almost half Of children who do not have enough Vitamin D and calcium, 4 and most children between 7 and 12 years of age are physically inactive.

Even more alarming is the finding that, on average, Malaysian children only drink half a cup of milk daily, and only 5% of children actually drink two servings of milk daily, 6 of which are recommended to help them meet their needs. daily calcium and vitamin D.

The results of the SEANUTS I study also translate into healthy eating and lifestyle programs for school children such as DrinkMoveBeStrong, which encourages the consumption of two glasses of milk and one hour of physical activity a day under the government school award program.

DLMI managing director Tarang Gupta said, "Breakfast is the first meal taken after 8 to 12 hours of fasting. The breakfast energizes our body and brain by providing the nutrition we need to carry on with our daily lives."

At the same time, the United Nations (UN) also recognizes milk as a source of sustainable or complete food, helping to prevent non-communicable diseases in adults and children. And as the leading dairy company in Malaysia, the Dutch Lady continues to encourage consumers to have their favorite Malaysian breakfast, such as fried rice, sandwiches or fatty rice with milk for a full breakfast. Since milk contains several micronutrients including calcium and Vitamin D, eating a nutritious breakfast that includes milk helps adults and children meet their daily micronutrients.

The findings from SEANUTS I are important in identifying the nutritional gaps that exist in the region. However, more data is needed to help all stakeholders formulate strategies to address these issues. Therefore, FrieslandCampina and SME today signed an agreement that paved the way for a second study to be conducted, namely SEANUTS II.

Apart from Tarang and Professor Poh, the Memorandum of Understanding was also attended by Professor Dr. Suzana Shahar, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, SME, Professor Dr. Hidayatul Fathi Othman, Deputy Dean (Network & Generation), SME, and Professor Dr Siti Balkis Budin, Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation), UKM, and Panam Parikh, Principal, Global Nutrition Development, FrieslandCampina & Program Coordinator, SEANUTS I & II.

According to Panam, SEANUTS I has been the largest and most comprehensive study of nutrition and health ever conducted in Southeast Asia, where a total of 16,744 children between the ages of six and 12 were studied. Panam said FrieslandCampina worked closely with leading institutes and universities in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and with SMEs in Malaysia to complete the study in 2011.

For SEANUTS II, the information to be collected is related to nutritional status, growth, food intake, physical activity and biochemical parameters of children aged six months to 12 years. Due to the problem of malnutrition in the region, the survey will focus on gaining insight into protein intake and nutrition, as protein is a critical constituent for the growth and development of children. The results are expected to be available by 2021 and will be used to develop a country's specific intervention methods, strengthen scientific knowledge and support government policy.
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Monday, September 30, 2019

Pengalaman Pahit Manis Hawau Sepanjang Hackathon 2019

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Assalammualaikum |

25 September 2019, akhirnya Pertandingan Hackathon Aplikasi Mudah Alih 2019 tamat.. noktah.. titik. Seriously, sepanjang pertandingan ni berlangsung memang hidup tak tenang. Dan sebab pertandingan ni jugaklah aku gigih jugak create entry Kenapa Aku Give Up Untuk Jadi Seorang Programmer. Yes, Indeed ! Aku ni dah berapa lama tinggal dunia programming ni sejak bertukar portfolio. Tetiba bila kat tempat baru ni, elok² dorang 1 team tiga orang, pastu ada la sorang manusia ni ajak aku join masuk. Asalnya malas nak masuk sebab kau dah lama tak buat kan, pastu pulak language yang kau nak develop ni kau baru nak start dari A. Lepas tu, fikir sebab nak amik pengalaman, takpe la.. aku join la. Sekali pengalaman ngeri yang bikin aku meroyan macam tiada hari esok.

MAGIC, Cyberjaya

Kit Pertandingan

Pertandingan ni berlangsung selama 24 hari. So, pelancaran diadakan pada 27 Ogos 2019 bertempat di MAGIC, Cyberjaya dan countdown 24 hari bermula dari tarikh tu la. So okey la. Masuk hari kedua, bermulalah episod pemakluman emel makluman sepanjang pertandingan tu, kami 4 orang ni tak boleh diganggu la kononnya sebab nak fokus pada Hackathon ni. Okey good start ! Lepas tu, aku pulak kena fikir nak bahagikan tugas padahal aku bukan ketua kumpulan pun. Abis tu dah ketua kumpulan pun bijak sangat time tu la baru nak minta setup notebook untuk install Code Editor dengan kitorang masing-masing bodoh tak tau pape pasal language yang kitorang nak guna untuk develop sistem ni. last² aku minta ketua pasukan buat mock up sistem. Aku faham la bukan senang nak buat mocp up tu sebab aku pun penah buat. So aku pun lukis la atas white board lakaran skrin bodoh-bodoh gitu je, tapi kang pandai la dia adjust bagi cantik sikit kan. Field database pun aku bagi info sikit-sikit apa yang perlu ada. So ketua pasukan pun kata, okey dia buat.

Esoknya, aku tanya, mock up dah siap ke? Dia kata belum buat. Ok fine. Aku tunggu lagi. Lusa.. aku tanya.. mock up dah siap ke? Dia kata tak sempat. Baiklah. Aku start la dulu buat skrin bodoh-bodoh sebab nak juga explore language baru ni. Sampai la ke minggu seterusnya, which sepatutnya kitorang team of 4 ni duduk, bincang, kerja sama-sama at the end aku sorang je ngadap menda ni. Kau rasa? Tak rasa nak mengamuk?

Pastu bila aku tanya mana mock up? Dia kata tak siap lagi. Weiii.. kau agak² la.. ni pertandingan.. Ada dateline. Dah la aku bodoh, takkan kau pun bodoh jugak. At the end nak masuk minggu ketiga baru dia bagi mock up which masa tu aku dah siapkan semua UI untuk mobile apps tu. Pastu aku pun start la bebel dalam group Whatsapp, pasal kerjasama, tak menang takpe janji apps siap. Pastu semua dalam tu pun ye la.. sembang kencang kan.. Semua setuju siap sembang pasal long-term, short-term apa kejadahnya tapi takat sembang kencang macam tu, sudahnya aku jugak ngadap sorang-sorang.

Pastu aku minta la tolong buat banner untuk apps ni, then tak sampai 5 minit ketua pasukan hantar satu gambar dalam Whatsapp group dan tanya, 'Emjay, ni okey ke?' aku tak sempat tengok lagi so aku cakap nanti aku tengok. Petang tu aku tengok gambar yang dia hantar tu adalah part of gambar mock up yang dia screenshot ke apa tah dari powerpoint. Macam tu je ke banner? Aku malas nak bebel dalam group, aku terus minta kawan aku buatkan banner. Tup.. sekejap je siap.

Hari berganti hari, masa berganti masa, sampailah hari Jumaat sehari sebelum cuti 3 hari yang cuti Hari Malaysia tu. Aku rasa senang gile keje jadi ketua pasukan ni. Cuma tanya 'Emjay, sistem dah siap?' tanpa perlu amik tau apa yang terjadi dibelakang tabir. Orang tu hidup ke mati ke, ada aku kisah janji sistem siap ! LOL

Pastu sorang ni pulak buat hal. Dah la ketua pasukan macam tu. Yang sorang lagi krik krik macam cengkerik je la dalam tu buat apa tak tau, pastu the only person yang aku boleh harap sebab dia sorang je ada basic knowledge untuk language yang kitorang guna untuk develop apps ni buat hal pulak. Serius, ini memang buat aku bertukar jadi resakse.

Bebb! Seminggu lagi nak hantar, takat ada UI tanpa fungsi beb. API tak buat lagi, function maps tak buat lagi. Aku jugak ke kena buat semua tu? Bila aku mesej tak jawab, so what do you aspect cuti 3 hari tu bole pegi kawen, pegi hanimun, pegi bercuti² Malaysia ke? Aku ni pun ada family jugak tapi sebab aku dah letak komitmen untuk pertandingan ni sepatutnya sama-sama la buat. Sampai anak aku tanya, 'Mama.. minggu ni kita tak pegi mana² ke?' Sedih weii.. Cuti lama tu aku terpaksa ngadap coding yang aku baru nak explore dari pagi sampai ke pagi. Aku korbankan waktu tidur aku sebab aku nak sistem ni siap. Biarlah tak menang pun. Tapi takat effort pada aku sorang je, yang lain tadah rewards je ke? Serius, tiap malam aku nangis depan notebook mengenangkan apa la dosa aku kat 3 ekor mamat ni.

So, sepanjang cuti 3 hari tu aku terpaksa buat beberapa perubahan untuk memastikan sekurang-kurangnya apps ni boleh berjalan at least function CRUD tu berjalan. Function messaging, call, MAPS semua tu aku tolak tepi dulu. Sebab kau dah tak target menang kan. Target sistem siap je kan.

17 September, barulah sorang ni datang bagitau dia nak buat function API dengan kawan dia. dateline 19 September kot. Masa ni aku dah start mendidih dah. BARU NAK BUAT? CUTI 3 HARI RITU KAU BUAT APA SETAN ! Memang masa ni aku dah start takmo bercakap dengan sesiapa. Sape tanya aku pasal Hackathon ni memang aku laharkan aje tak kira la kau sape.

18 September aku dah almost give up. Mujur la masa tu ada la 'malaikat' muncul sebab masa tu aku tak dapat nak create apk file. So 'malaikat' ni la yang bantu aku untuk create apk file dan pada masa yang sama, aku sempat la belajar macam mana nak create fungsi MAPS.

19 September, barulah group Whatsapp tu aktif kembali dengan pertanyaan, 'ari ni last kan? kita submit apa yang ada ke camne?' Fuhhh ayat. Aku nak je tanya, 'apa je yang ada?' Ewahh.. macam tu je kau tanya? Korang memang masuk pertandingan, goyang telur pastu amik sijil ke? Sabar aku pun ada had tauu... Dah la selain dari apps yang nak kena submit tu, kena hantar laporan, kena hantar slide. Takkan tu pun aku kena buat. Amboiii.. senangnya hidup kauuuuuuuu !

Tapi at the end, aku jugalah buat semua A-Z. Lepas tu barulah sekor-sekor datang tanya kita dah hantar ke? Cam hanat pangai sorang²..

Hari pertandingan memang aku nekad kalau 3 ekor ni datang pertandingan ni nak tuntut sijil, nak datang untuk presentation, memang aku balik. Korang boleh pegi buat presentation sorang².  Tapi at the end. Dorang tak muncul pun. Berani nak muncul depan aku memang aku sunatkan sorang-sorang kat situ.

Rupanya bukan team aku je bermasalah, team lain pun ada juga yang bermasalah. Memang banyak pengajaran la bila aku join pertandingan ni. Secara tak langsung, macam tak percaya sistem tu boleh siap. So, sepanjang pertandingan berjalan dengan lancar. Alhamdulillah juga, walaupun team kitorang tak menang, tapi masa presentation panel pun puji juga sistem tu. Cuma aku pun faham sistem orang lain of course lebih hebat lelagi bila dalam team semua orang bekerjasama.

So tu je la aku nak bebel. Layan je la gambar sepanjang pertandingan ye. Till next time, kalau ada team yang bagus ada team yang boleh buat kerja sama-sama, aku takde masalah nak masuk lagi. Tapi untuk kali ni. That's it ! 

tag peserta

antara peserta Hackathon

antara peserta Hackathon

antara peserta Hackathon

ready untuk present

The kembang-ladies

Jakarta Room ~ presentation

antara 9 team yang bertanding


presentation time ~ tq El tolong amikkan gambar

demo sistem ~ tq again El tolong amikkan gambar

aku dan 'side-kick' yang banyak tolong masa aku tengah struggle siapkan apps

peserta Hackathon

Tahniah kepada Top 16 yang layak ke peringkat akhir, you deserve it ! Insya Allah.. banyak pengalaman pahit manis sepanjang berlangsungnya Hackathon ni. Yang pahitnya korang pun dah baca. Yang manisnya, aku jumpa dengan ramai orang yang sangat supportive dan aku dapat belajar ilmu baru walaupun penuh pancaroba. Tengoklah.. kalau ditakdirkan tahun depan aku terbuka hati nak join lagi, Insya Allah. Tapi of course pada kali itu aku akan cari orang yang betul² boleh bekerjasama dengan baik dan bukan sekadar sembang kencang je !

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